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10 strange customs and traditions around the world

Many strange customs and traditions are teeming with the world, which are sometimes surprising, because of their wit or out of the ordinary. It varies according to the culture of each country or tribe, and according to the beliefs and aspirations of its inhabitants from each custom they make.

In this article, we will show you 10 of the strangest traditions of peoples around the world.


Throwing children from the balconies of mosques and temples

The Indians have preserved one of the strange customs that began about 500 years ago, which is throwing children as young as two years old from the balconies of temples, because they believe that this habit brings luck and guarantees them a good healthy life, although throwing children in this way may harm With their bodies and minds. The residents of the village of Mosti in Solapur district in the state of Maharashtra in western India practice the custom, including Muslims and Hindus alike without discrimination. The custom has moved to other areas, but most of them are very small villages and they practice rituals on special occasions and holidays.


Don't celebrate your 25th birthday before you get married

If you live in the Arab world, the most that will happen to you when you get old, while you have not married or started a relationship, is the embarrassing questions about your marital status, and why all this delay, while if you live in Denmark, things will be more critical and in front of crowds From friends, relatives and neighbours. Your only problem if you are single on your twenty-fifth birthday will not be that you are lonely, but you will have to sit in the street, possibly tied to a lamppost, and drowning in large quantities of cinnamon powder.

Society thinks that you shouldn't let your age slip through your hands for all these years, without the experience of bonding with someone, whether you're a guy or a girl, so it's their job to remind you in a cute, yet awkward way, that time is running out. But if you are too stubborn, and ignore this lesson to reach your thirtieth birthday, without attachment, this time will not be easy; If you will be punished with pepper powder, you must remember that, time is running out.


you love him? So he took his remains

Spread across the Brazilian and Venezuelan jungles, the Yanomami have one of the peculiar customs of honoring the dead and ensuring their souls rest in peace. The people of the tribe cremate the body of the deceased, then the relatives of the deceased and the elders of the village mix the ashes of the corpse and bone powder with a local vegetable powder; For the relatives and loved ones of the deceased to drink this drink.

This behavior, according to the beliefs of the tribe, would revive the spirit of the deceased in his relatives forever. On the other hand, they consider that cremation of the body of all individuals is very necessary, as letting the corpses rot and be eaten by the animals of the earth is a hideous matter that is not worthy of any member of the tribe, and the souls of these people will not be happy to rot and become food for the creatures of the earth, and may come to chase people relatives of the deceased; Because they didn't appreciate it enough.


Feeding the dead in Rome.. Caring for the dead does not stop at the burial

Feeding the dead is an ancient Roman custom, and one of the customs of strange peoples that is still practiced within narrow limits and occasions, accompanies a group of traditions related to honoring and caring for the dead. In some cities, people believed that caring for the deceased and honoring him does not end when the funeral is held and relatives and friends gather to bid him farewell, but they must provide him in his grave with a set of needs that will make his loneliness less stressful.

People made tombs and provided them with a set of small tubes through which the deceased was supplied with a range of liquids, such as honey and wine. People believed that the dead would consume these liquids in some way, so that it would be his food that he depends on in his shrine. Pushing people to do such behavior, they felt that their association with the deceased should be a permanent commitment that does not end with death, so they used to establish a period of mourning after the funeral, in addition to feeding their dead.


Spitting in Kenya

Spitting is considered barbaric and disgusting in most of the world's cultures, but the Kenyan Maasai tribe considers it a sign of respect, and it is an inherited custom.

Tribe members spit in their palms before shaking hands, and do the same with newborns and newlyweds to bring blessings and good fortune, according to their belief.


magpie salute

A tradition followed by many who can live in villages and countryside in the United Kingdom, which is considered among the nicest at all, which is that whoever sees a magpie alone while walking on any road, should greet him and ask him about his condition and the condition of his wife, because it is known that this little bird When he finds his life partner, he lives with him until his last day, and when he is alone this means that he has lost his partner. So the British think it is nice to say hello to him and ask him about his wife, because he will be sad, and on the other hand, they do this to keep them away from the misfortune at the sight of the bird alone.


Dancing with the dead is a custom of some Madagascar residents

On the island of Madagascar, the inhabitants of some tribes there perform a strange and terrifying tradition, called the Famadiana. This tradition goes back hundreds of years for those tribes. During Vamadyana, which takes place every 6 years, local residents exhume the bodies of their dead from the graves, wear new cloths and clothes, and prepare them for a traditional dance full of joy and happiness, believing that this dance makes them restore their strong ties with their loved ones from the dead.


The habits of lead gloves test for manliness

Many peoples of the world celebrate in different ways upon puberty of males, but the most unusual of these peoples at all, are the inhabitants of the “Sateri Maui” tribe, one of the tribes in the Amazon basin who possess the most painful of these customs at all, as young men who reach the age of Puberty, to go on a trip to the forest accompanied by the tribe’s healer, and each one of them must wear gloves made of tree leaves, and there are hundreds of “lead ants”, which are known to be one of the most toxic and painful bites, and they were called “lead ants”, because The pain of his bite resembled a gunshot wound. These young men must dance with these painful gloves, and he who bears the pain of the dances will have passed this test of manhood.


Cutting fingers is one of the ten most dangerous customs and traditions

The women of the Indonesian tribe, "Dani", are forced to cut off part of their fingers in the event of the death of a family member, believing that it makes them suffer physical pain in addition to the emotional pain they feel at the loss of a loved one, and before the amputation is completed, the woman ties her fingers with a thin rope for 30 minutes to anesthetize them Then she cuts off part of one of the fingers, and cauterizes the tip of the amputated finger. Read also: 10 most powerful earthquakes and disasters in the world


Eating banana soup with the bones of the dead is one of the customs and traditions of the Amazon tribes

The Yanomamo tribe lives in villages in the Amazon rainforest, between Venezuela and Brazil, and is known for one of the strangest traditions, where, in the event of the death of a person, they wrap the corpse in papers, and allow insects to tamper with it, and after 45 days, the bones are collected, and crushed, Then mix it with banana soup and everyone eats it, and according to tradition, this ritual helps ensure that this soul finds its way to heaven.

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